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Bocchi the Rock: They used Nijika to promote Massages

They used Nijika to promote Massages

If you watched Bocchi the Rock you know who Nijika Ijichi is, she is the drummer of Kessoku Band and is the leader of the band so to speak, she is the one who makes Bocchi join the band too.

And as is normal with famous characters, some people take advantage of Nijika’s fanart and use it to promote her “massage parlour”, a photo of which went viral on social media.

What you see below is an image of Nijika to promote massages, in this case, a soapland, this is a place where men go to be “bathed” by beautiful girls.

They used Nijika to promote Massages

They used a fanart made by the illustrator Tuedus, published on January 5th of this year on his Twitter profile. It’s “normal” for places like this to take fanarts of famous characters and use them as a sign to promote their massage parlors.

Japanese reaction:

“Nijika-chan, just because you don’t have any money… it’s too much”

“What? Don’t sully Nijika-chan’s name”

“I don’t have any money so it’s a shame I can’t go”

“If I were the original author, I would sue in seconds, but I think anime companies should sue”

“Why do these adult massage shops use anime images?”

Via: Otakomu