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Is it over? Will there be Incest in Oshi no Ko?

Teremos Incesto em Oshi no Ko

Previously, we posted on the website about the abundance of fan art and shipping between Aqua and Ruby that emerged on the internet after Chapter 122 of the manga was released. However, with Chapter 123 and a comment from Mengo, it seems like we might indeed have incest in Oshi no Ko?


Will We Have Incest in Oshi no Ko? Is it Possible?

Some fans who ship Ruby with Aqua are thrilled, while others seem to have dropped the manga due to the spoilers from Chapter 123, which will be released this Wednesday at the MangaPlus website.

In Chapter 122, Ruby discovers that Aqua is her doctor, Goro, whom she had feelings for. They have an emotional reunion, and in Chapter 123, she appears to be very happy. According to the spoilers for Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko, Ruby says this to Aqua:

“Sensei, I’m already 16 years old. You said you would marry me when I turned 16.”

Apparently, this alone has caused some people to drop Oshi no Ko, as they believe there might be incest involved. I haven’t seen any specific comments, but it’s what some people on the internet are saying – that they’ve seen others dropping the manga because of this.

“For THOSE Oshi no Ko fans who decided to stop reading Oshi no Ko because of the leaks from Chapter 123, please don’t stop. This whole thing is likely just Ruby joking with Aqua to lighten the mood.”

Act-Age illustrator draws Ruby and Aqua

Another topic that has “intensified” the Aqua x Ruby ship is a fan art created by Usazaki Shiro, featuring Aqua and Ruby together:

Will there be Incest in Oshi no Ko

Mengo, the illustrator of Oshi no Ko, shared Usazaki Shiro’s fan art and simply commented, “Genius, genius, genius.”

For some reason, people interpret this fan art and Mengo’s comment as confirmation that the Aqua x Ruby ship is real. Below are some comments, which I believe are mostly playful, but there are some who take them seriously

“Wincest for the win, even Usazaki-sensei supports AquRuby, approved by Mengo-sensei, antis are going crazy.”


“This is incest art…”

“Even if Ruby is serious (about dating Aqua), I don’t think Aqua will accept her. I think he will act like an adult and reject her.”


“How the hell does this mean they’re shipping the two? I think Mengo would have already included incest if she had complete control over the story.”

“I want to have what they have.”

“Usazaki Shiro understands.”

“Ruby will call Aqua ‘Mr. Moralistic’ after being rejected in the next chapter.”

“Even Usazaki-sensei supports the ship.”

SPOILERS for Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko

A page of chapter 123 has already leaked and look at the expression that Ruby makes to say that she is already 16 years old for Aqua, remembering that he said that he would marry her when she reached 16 years old.

SPOILERS do Cap 123 de Oshi no Ko

Okay, seeing her expression now, I wonder if she’s not really being serious…

And what about you? Do you think we’ll have incest in Oshi no Ko? The second season of Oshi no Ko has already been announced, but without a release date yet.

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