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Some Japanese fans support the Aqua and Ruby ship

Japoneses parecem Apoiar Incesto em Oshi no Ko

It seems that some Japanese fans support the Aqua and Ruby ship, and this topic is still generating discussion. With Chapter 123 released in Japan, there have been several comments from the Japanese audience regarding the story’s development.

Furthermore, Japanese fans have become aware of the controversy surrounding this case in the West and have commented on the Western opinions.

Teremos Incesto em Oshi no Ko

In case you missed the previous posts, it all started with Chapter 122 of the manga when the Act-Age illustrator created the fanart above featuring Aqua and Ruby. The Oshi no Ko illustrator shared it, calling it “genius.”

Following that, Chapter 123 of the manga was released, where Ruby makes a strong declaration to Aqua. However, we will have to wait for two weeks for Aqua’s response since there will be no new chapter next week.

Some Japanese fans support the Aqua and Ruby ship

Some Japanese fans support the Aqua and Ruby ship

“Aqua always consistently liked Bicarbonate of Soda, and he has always had a motherly heart towards Ruby (Sarina).”

“I haven’t read the manga, but this scene is so emotional.”

“This is so hilarious; it feels like an erotic manga.”

“I don’t think the original author has thought so deeply about it.”

“I’m starting to get nervous.”

“Furthermore, Aqua likes Bicarbonate of Soda, so Ruby doesn’t stand a chance, right? Has there been any recent scene where Aqua started liking Ruby?”

“Ruby is the absolute winner! Where does anyone see it differently?”

“I have a feeling that Akane is going to be stabbed.”

“Even if revenge succeeds, if Aqua sacrifices herself, Ruby’s mental health will be ruined, won’t it?”

“They have both revealed their pasts to each other and are now heading towards the worst possible bad ending route, where both are unhappy, right?”

“It would be sad if Aqua and Kana ended up together, and Ruby separated from the teacher. The three should live together in harmony.”

“I want to see MEM crying when Ruby consults her about the incestuous marriage.”

“Ruby is the character who wants to fulfill her dream as an idol. If she follows the love line here, wouldn’t it be the same as what Ai did? It is clearly portrayed that Ruby hates that.”

“Ruby 80%, Akane 15%, Kana 5%. The current win rate is something like that. Oshi no Ko, which continues from the previous life, is strong regardless of close kinship.”

“This is a lie, right?”

“But in terms of the setup, they are the strongest and unbeatable couple (Aqua x Ruby), right?”

“Ruby’s feminine face is irresistible.”

“As a fan of Yosuga no Sora, I support this chapter. Incest taboo? I don’t care; in fact, I love this development.”

Some Japanese fans support the Aqua and Ruby ship

“The fact of being reincarnated as the child of your idol is crazier than incest.”

“It’s pure fiction, so you should just relax and enjoy it. Maybe it has become so popular that even people who don’t normally watch anime have discovered it.”

“Isn’t this a discussion about human rights and diversity? Somehow, the rules in Europe and America are annoying.”

“It seems there was a lot of incest in ancient mountain villages in Japan, but wasn’t it the same in other countries? It seems unnecessarily strict.”

“Foreigners are too strict about incest.”

“If you’re upset, then be reincarnated.”

“If homosexuality is accepted, then incestuous love should be too

“If you don’t like it, abandon Japanese culture”

“Reading a manga where you reincarnate as the son of an idol, is so crazy! You’ve been crazy from the beginning”

“Isn’t that kind of thing part of the LGBT community?”

“The brain of Sodium Bicarbonate will be destroyed.”

“From the beginning, the idea of giving birth to a middle-aged man is so non-existent that it doesn’t matter if they end up in an incestuous relationship. In the end, it’s just a subculture.”

“Isso é demais. Since the case of Kimura Hana, there is so much hatred for that work. Would they be the inimigos of society?”

“It’s true that they were a doctor and a patient who had a special relationship in the past, so there’s no problem.”

The opinions above were seen on Twitter and Yaraon here and here.

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