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Incest Discussion Intensifies with Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko

Saiu o Cap 123 de Oshi no Ko

Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko has been released, and for the next two weeks, fans will likely be discussing on social media about the possible presence of incest in the story.

When I wrote the first post about fans shipping Aqua and Ruby, and later the post about possible hints of incest in the plot, I had no idea the situation would become so serious.

To give you an idea, there are people who are apparently actually abandoning the anime and manga. But first, how was Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko?

Chapter 123 Spoilers of Oshi no Ko

Previously, Aqua revealed to Ruby that he is the doctor who took care of her in their past lives. In Chapter 123, Ruby expresses her belief that the doctor is still alive and decides to use the name B-Komachi to get his attention.

Ruby mentions that she doesn’t want to act like Ai, having to lie all the time, and Aqua tells her she doesn’t need to do that. So, Ruby “returns to normal” and is happy to have the doctor back. The chapter ends with her saying to Aqua:

“You said you would marry me when I turned 16, right? Sensei, I’m already 16…”

Saiu o Cap 123 de Oshi no Ko


Incest Discussion Intensifies with Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko

Let’s read some reactions to this chapter (reactions from MangaPlus).

“Ruby, yes! RUBY, NO!”

“Just another author baiting us”

“NO, the leaks were real”

“Don’t let this become canon”

“Opens MangaPlus, reads Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko, day ruined”

“Sweet home Alabama”

“I’ll stop reading if Aqua agrees to marry her”

“Please let it be a mangaka troll”


“The last page is the reason why Aqua didn’t want to reveal herself to Ruby”

“Let it be bait, I don’t want to drop this manga, but if the weird stuff starts, it’s over”


“Okay, you can stop right there. I don’t care if it’s with Kana or Akane, just not Ruby”

“It’s going to be a very strange wedding”

“Please let it be a joke”

“No incest, please”

“I’m begging on my knees, let it be bait”

Through Mythology, Aqua and Ruby Will Get Married

Did you know that the possibility of incest between Aqua and Ruby is related to the mythology on which the anime is based? In the first episode of Oshi no Ko, to deceive Miyako, Ruby claims to be Amaterasu, while Aqua would be Tsukuyomi (due to their eyes, Tsukuyomi was born from Izanagi’s right eye, while Amaterasu from the left).

Teoria Oshi no Ko

However, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi are siblings and they are also married! But hold on, the story of their marriage doesn’t end well in mythology.

According to legend, Amaterasu became furious when Tsukuyomi killed Ukemochi, so she refused to look at Tsukuyomi and distanced herself, giving rise to the cycle of day and night: with Amaterasu representing the day (the sun goddess) and Tsukuyomi representing the night (the moon god).

Will People Drop Oshi no Ko Because of Incest?

Some people have already decided to drop Oshi no Ko, and RJ made a thread expressing his astonishment at the whole situation:

“Let’s talk about something real quick, ONK has covered the following topics: CHILD RAPE Teen pregnancy Murder at least 3 different times Suicide Child negligence Child abuse Cyber bullying But now that there’s even a hint of “incest” THATS where y’all draw the line”

RJ continues:

“You want to drop it and give it shit like bruh, it’s not wrong to hate to incest, but the fact THAT is what makes you drop a great series when it’s not even going to head in that direction is so fucking stupid.

No this is not defending incest, nor is the series going to glorify it. I’m saying this because mf’s are overreacting when 1. This was ALWAYS going to happen when Ruby first found out 2. In the future moments of the beginning of the series they’re on familial terms again

Take a step back and fucking BREATH. This series has always been extremely bait heavy, they made us believe they’d kill of Akane not once but TWICE, do you REALLY think for 1 second that all of a sudden they’re just going to shoehorn incest and keep it that way? No, they aren’t”

Now, here’s my opinion. I also doubt that the manga will go towards incest, because I see inspirations from Japanese mythology in the story of Oshi no Ko, and the gods that Aqua and Ruby are inspired by don’t end up together. If I have to predict, I think Oshi no Ko will have a tragic or middle-ground ending.

I don’t believe we’re heading towards incest and that Ruby was just joking, really.

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