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Onimai Manga has Emergency Reprints

Onimai Manga Has Emergency Reprints

Despite the “controversies” that the anime has generated here, such as the censored version we are receiving, accusations that the anime does not represent trans people and the censorship of feminine terms in the English subtitled version, the anime appears to be a success because the manga is being reprinted.

Publisher Ichijinsha’s official profile recently posted that it has been decided that all volumes of the Onimai manga are undergoing an urgent reprint. This means that the manga is selling well and they need to print more copies to sell more.

This is something that usually happens with manga whose anime draws attention, the anime ends up increasing the sales of the source material. Ichijinsha also took the opportunity to thank everyone who is supporting the original anime and manga.

In addition various goods are being made as well:

Onimai is an ecchi anime about a boy who, after drinking something adulterated by his younger sister, ends up turning into a girl, in his new body he begins to discover the female world.