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Anime Characters Sing Famous Songs Thanks to AI: Hear Dio singing “Let it Go”

Personagens de Animes Cantam Músicas Famosas

Thanks to the use of AI that mimics the voices of anime characters, we have covers where they sing famous songs from other anime or popular tracks. For example, Dio singing “Let it Go,” but we also have the opposite: famous singers singing anime songs.

These AIs have generated a lot of buzz, but sometimes it’s fun to see them entertain people, isn’t it?

Anime Characters Sing Famous Songs Thanks to AI

Through voice synthesis techniques and audio processing, AI applies voices to the rhythm and melody of a selected song. This way, we have some examples like Naruto Uzumaki singing “Silhouette”:

Dio Brando singing “KICK BACK”:

We also have Dio singing “Let it Go” from Frozen:

Yui Hirasawa singing “Idol”:

How about listening to the adorable Anya singing “Idol,” the opening theme of Oshi no Ko?

And Megumin singing “Hijo de la Luna”:

And what about hearing the last 3 presidents of the United States singing “Renai Circulation” from Monogatari?

We also have the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, singing the opening of Evangelion:

Surprising, right? With the use of AI, we can create extremely fun things. Technology continues to advance, leaving us more and more amazed.

Via: Yaraon

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