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Himmel wins new Frieren Popularity Contest

Himmel wins new Frieren Popularity Contest

The manga Sousou no Frieren held a new character popularity contest, and once again Himmel ranked 1st as the most popular character in the series.

Check out below the top 10 characters in Frieren’s new popularity contest:

1st Place – Himmel (1,239,533 votes)

2nd Place – Aura (1,045,369 votes)

3rd Place – Fern (864,863 votes)

4th Place – Ubel (847,205 votes)

5th Place – Frieren (816,279 votes)

6th Place – Linie (675,744 votes)

7th Place – Stark (587,392 votes)

8th Place – Macht (353.780 votes)
9th Place – Solitar (352.524 votes)

10th Place – Mimic (341,347 votes)

Top 16:

11th – Magic Association Receptionist
12th – Denken
13th – Wirbel
14th – Serie
15th – Sense
16th – Tot

For those who are only watching the anime, two certain characters ranking 9th and 8th may seem strange, but if the anime gets a second season, you will get to know them and might end up liking them a lot.

It’s incredible to see how Himmel continues to be the favorite and most beloved character of fans, even though he died in the first episode and “lived” in the series only through flashbacks.

And Frieren, huh? Descending more and more in the ranking. To check the previous ranking, click here.

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