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Ken Akamatsu talks about freedom of expression in manga

Ken Akamatsu talks about freedom of expression in manga

The famous manga artist Ken Akamatsu, who has now become a politician, warned about the dangers and threats to freedom of expression in manga, and that there is international pressure for such censorship.

Ken Akamatsu seeks to achieve goals aimed at protecting creative freedom in manga through political means. That’s why he decided to enter this field.

Ken Akamatsu talks about freedom of expression in manga

He says the following:

”Right. From incidents like last year, in which an international women’s organization complained about an ad on Nikkei, we can say that we are at a time when pressure on restrictions on freedom of expression also comes from abroad, which is why we have to take measures to deal with this threat.

Ken Akamatsu

Currently, there is only a very low possibility that legislation will be passed nationally to restrict speech. However, if international agreements are approved in this regard, national legislation will have to be changed to adapt to the agreement, so we must prevent this scenario from happening.”

Akamatsu also spoke about the boom in AI in recent times and how it is affecting the anime industry:

”In relation to the art of AI, what is currently being discussed is ”transparency of the learning data set”. To create AI-based art, it is necessary to learn from billions of existing works of art, and there has been criticism that copyright holders have not given permission in many cases, making it illegal.

However, making AI learn illustration is not illegal, the term ”illegal learning” is wrong from the start”

Assim seria Metamorphosis como um Filme da Disney
“Metamorphosis” imagined by AI as a Disney Pixar film

For me, making a profit from the commercial use of AI illustrations provided to creators used as part of the dataset is the favorable outcome.

Considering how many billions of illustrations are used, easily dividing the profits is impossible, so creating some kind of management institution like JASRAC for music, or some kind of fund to bring profit back into the industry is a better method. realist.

Or, selling imaging AI that has completed training could also be considered. This way, AI other than the officially sold version can be treated as ‘pirated versions’, giving back some control. This way, the creators used as the dataset can also recover the profit directly.

There are some people who might say that ”AI has reached the point where it can draw better illustrations than me”, but look at the world of chess. AI has been stronger at chess than humans for some time now, but many people still like it.

For the world of comics, I hope people can remember the joy of the act of drawing itself.”

And that’s it! To achieve his goals regarding freedom of expression, Ken Akamatsu certainly still has a long way to go.

Fonte: The21Online via Sankaku Complex

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