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First Episode of Frieren is 2-Hour long

Primeiro Episódio de Frieren terá 2 horas de Duração

First Episode of Frieren is 2-Hour long, okay, maybe not exactly two hours on the dot, it has been announced that the first episode of Frieren will have a two-hour screening, excluding commercials, so the actual runtime of the episode should be around one hour and a few minutes.

First Episode of Frieren is 2-Hour long

The official profile of the Frieren anime has released details about the special, which premieres on September 29th. Below you can check out the anime’s PV::

The reason for this two-hour premiere is likely the same as the first episode of Oshi no Ko, which has a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes – it serves to showcase the essence of the story right from the start.

So this is likely the same reason they decided to do the same thing with Frieren, as the beginning of Frieren can benefit greatly from a 2-hour episode. I highly recommend this anime; I read the manga, and it’s really good.

Synopsis of Frieren

The adventure is over, but life continues for an elf mage who is just beginning to learn what it means to live. Elf mage Frieren and her brave adventurer companions have defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the land. But Frieren will outlive her group members by a long time.

How will she understand what life means to the people around her? Decades after the victory, the funeral of one of her friends confronts Frieren with her near-immortality. Frieren sets out to fulfill her companions’ last wishes and embarks on a new adventure.

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