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Unfinished Doujins Promoting Fanbox Frustrate Otakus

Doujins Inacabados Promovendo Fanbox irritam Otakus

Unfinished Doujins Promoting Fanbox Frustrate Otakus! Fans are warning each other about a practice that some doujin creators are engaging in, which is not well-received. Essentially, what is happening is that some doujin authors are producing and selling doujins while promoting their Fanbox with these doujins.

Fanbox is a platform similar to Patreon, where you pay to support a creator’s projects. There’s nothing wrong with authors promoting their Fanbox in their doujins, but it’s not in the way you would expect.

Unfinished Doujins Promoting Fanbox Frustrate Otakus

Here’s what’s happening: a person buys a doujin, and as they read through it, the artwork progressively worsens. When they reach the end of the book, they are met with a message saying, “The continuation is on Fanbox.”

Imagine buying a comic and finding out at the end that you have to subscribe to the author’s Patreon to read the rest. That’s basically it.

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Doujins were born from fans’ interaction in creating works based on the anime they enjoy, often even incurring losses in producing doujins. What’s happening now is that many people are complaining about this practice, seeing it as a situation where certain authors are solely focused on making a profit.

Here are some comments made by otakus:

“There are certain lines you shouldn’t cross, even with doujins.”

“This is incredibly bad… If you’re receiving money for a problem, you should at least complete the problem first… It reminds me of a certain Resident Evil game where, despite paying the full price, you could only play the first half, while the second half was paid additional DLC… What kind of world are we living in?”

“I read an ero-doujin where the last two pages were rough drafts, but since they released it for free on Pixiv, I forgave them.”

“If you go to their Fanbox, it will probably turn into rough drafts in the end and say ‘Continuation on Fantia!’ as well.”

Fantia is another site similar to Fanbox.

“DLC (Fanbox in this case) should always be in a ‘side story’ position, like an omake. It should never be the main attraction to buy the doujin.”

“I’ve heard of cases where the doujin wasn’t completed on time, but you could get a discount if you brought the unfinished version to the next Comiket, but that’s ridiculous.”

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