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Director Confirms Suletta and Miorine’s Marriage in Gundam

Director Confirms Suletta and Miorine's Marriage in Gundam

The potential marriage between Suletta and Miorine sparked various controversies on the internet. In the last episode of Gundam Suisei no Majo, Suletta and Miorine are seen wearing a ring each, suggesting that they got married.

The anime is not entirely clear in confirming this potential marriage. Later, an issue of Gundam Ace magazine featured an interview with Suletta’s voice actress, Kana Ichinose.

In a segment of the interview, she mentioned, “The scene where (both of them) leaned towards each other in the epilogue was great. After three years, they became even closer, and seeing them married and relying on each other really touched me.”

Fans were initially thrilled with her confirming that Suletta and Miorine got married. However, her statement was later corrected in the digital version of Gundam Ace, and an official statement from the anime’s official profile told fans to “interpret as they wish” whether the two got married or not, which caused considerable outrage among fans.

Director Confirms Suletta and Miorine’s Marriage in Gundam

Hiroshi Kobayashi, the director of Gundam Suisei no Majo, had an interview in the final volume of the anime’s Blu-ray. In this interview, he stated:

“I knew I was going to make an epilogue, but it took a while to decide the exact number of years that should pass between them. The ending follows ‘The Tempest’ and shows Suletta and Miorine getting married and becoming partners.”

diretor de gundam diz que suletta e miorine se casaram

After the director’s interview was shared on Twitter, the topic went viral, and the hashtag #スレミオ結婚 (SuleMio Marriage) trended, with many people celebrating and numerous fan arts being created.

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