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NIKKE apologizes after plagiarizing character

NIKKE apologizes after plagiarizing character

The popular mobile game among women, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, has issued an apology following accusations of plagiarism involving a character from the game and an independent artist.

One character in Nikke, a ninja “mass-produced” in the game’s storyline, caught the attention of fans for its striking resemblance to an original character created by the artist Neco.

NIKKE apologizes after plagiarizing character

The latter even had a figurine version, as shown in the image below:

NIKKE apologizes after plagiarizing character

The two characters share notable similarities, from the hair and the bow tied to it to the attire, albeit with some differences in features

NIKKE apologizes after plagiarizing character

Naturally, fans reacted by sending messages to NIKKE, which acknowledged the plagiarism and reached out to Neco, the artist responsible for the original design.

Neco shared on his profile: “I received a message from NIKKE’s management apologizing and confirming the similarities between the two characters. We are investigating and discussing future actions, so stay tuned for more information.”

nikke plagiou personagem

Japanese audiences expressed surprise at the case, some questioning why NIKKE didn’t seek permission before copying the character. They also noted that Neco’s character was popular enough to become a collectible figure. One comment suggested that NIKKE might be using artificial intelligence in its illustrations, raising questions about whether the plagiarism was intentional or a result of data incorporation by AI.

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