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Ancient Magus Bride Manga Translated by AI

Ancient Magus Bride Manga Translated by AI

The utilization of AI for translation relies heavily on the tool used to achieve the best possible result. However, it’s natural for fans to revolt upon discovering that a manga is being translated using AI. Well, it has been revealed that the English version of Ancient Magus Bride manga is being translated by an AI.

Ancient Magus Bride Manga Translated by AI

The official account of Ancient Magus Bride manga announced that they will release an English version of the chapters simultaneously with the Japanese release.

The English text makes no mention of AI usage; it simply states, “The new chapter of ‘Ancient Magus Bride’ will be released in English simultaneously with the Japanese version.” However, the Japanese text reveals the use of AI for translating the manga.

Ancient Magus Bride Manga Translated by AI

Unsurprisingly, fans are not pleased to learn that AI is involved, and outraged comments have been made. Check them out below:

  • “The part about it being translated by AI was intentionally omitted? I am very disappointed and will never touch this series again. Hire humans who will do justice to the series.”


  • “Please consider paying human translators for their work. English readers deserve a quality product. The nuance, care, and love that translators dedicate to their work cannot be replicated by a machine.”


  • “Also posting here: I spent thousands supporting the series with merchandise, volumes, Magcomi subscription, fan club. This kills my love for it. For a series that explores the beauty of a world of both non-humans and humans, this is a slap in the face to the humanity behind art and translation. What a shame.”


  • “I wanted to read this manga after watching the anime, but I am no longer interested in reading it if it’s translated by AI. No one wants to read or pay for an officially AI-translated manga.”


  • “Hello, I am very disappointed with the English release being AI-translated. It is very disrespectful to the original work and the human translation team that brings nuances to the translation. Please reconsider, as I will not support AI.”


  • “The English part of this post intentionally omits that it will be done with AI, which is NOT good news. And yes, the irony that I used Google to translate this is not lost on me.”


  • “I will not support a machine-translated product. Please pay actual translators to do the work properly.”


  • “The decision to use AI for the official English translations is terrible. Either pay real people to do it properly or don’t do it at all.”


  • “Gross, I’m not touching anything AI translated with my eyes. I’ll wait for a human translation, and if it’s a paid professional or done by fans, that’ll be up to you. Better to wait a day or two longer and have a human do it.”


  • “Well… what a HUGE step in the wrong direction.”


  • “This is an insult and will give overseas readers a worse translation. Hire actual people instead of spitting in your readers’ faces.”

Ancient Magus Bride

  • “Ancient Magus Bride is one of my favorite manga/anime of all time, but if this is how you’re going to treat it by using AI to translate it, then I refuse to support it from here on. Hire real people. Pathetic.”


  • “Please don’t do this. AI translations are garbage. We need a proper translation.”


  • “There’s no point in bothering to publish this with AI translations if no English fan will read it. Anyone wanting to read this in English will not read it if it’s AI. Many people dislike this, please look at what fans are saying in the quote retweets here.”


  • “I’m sorry, but I will not be reading with machine translated. You are taking jobs away from translators with this decision.”


  • “Hire translators. Using AI is a slap to the faces of translators, writers, fans, and even the text itself. AI writing is notoriously bad (not to mention it removes any soul or emotion), and throwing translation into the mix is even worse. This is not how to reach your audience.”


  • “I’m not interested in reading Mahoyome anymore. I was a fan since 2015, but seeing AI in my beloved series made me hate it. This is the worst you can do, I hate your decisions.”


  • “It will be far better to also disclose that this manga is AI machine translated in the EN message too. That way people can decide if they want to read it or not.”

Japanese YouTuber Claims ChatGPT Translation is Near Perfect

The number of companies in various fields, such as producing anime, illustrations, games, or translating manga and novels, using AI is increasing significantly.

Naturally, fans will always be upset with the use of AI and demand that companies hire humans to do the work. However, in the long run, it’s a path that I’m not sure can be reversed.

In case you don’t know, there is a Japanese YouTuber named “Sora the Troll.” Just to provide context, he is Japanese, lived there his whole life, but is fluent in English. He worked as an English teacher and currently works as a translator. In a live stream that took place months ago, he talked about Chat GPT.

He pays to use the advanced version of ChatGPT and tested translating from Japanese to English. In his words, “the translation is almost perfect; there’s no need to hire a human.”

He was surprised by the level of accuracy of ChatGPT translating from Japanese to English and believes that human translators will no longer be necessary. He mentioned that ChatGPT makes a few small errors,

via Twitter

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