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What is Shigure Ui’s Loli God Requiem?

What is Shigure Ui's Loli God Requiem?

Do you know what Loli God Requiem is? Or are you familiar with Vtuber Shigure Ui? Despite being a Vtuber, she is primarily an illustrator who has worked on various projects.

For example, she designed the visual for Hololive Vtuber Subaru, and she illustrates light novels such as “Osananajimi ga Zettai,” “Kimi wa Boku no Regret,” and “Kanojo no L: Usotsuki-tachi no Koubousen.”

Below, you can see the standard visual of Vtuber Shigure Ui:

What is Shigure Ui's Loli God Requiem?

She wasn’t as active as a Vtuber, doing live streams less frequently, but that changed after September, as her channel experienced significant growth.

As you can see in the screenshot from Social Blade, a site monitoring views and growth on various YouTube channels, Shigure Ui’s channel had a substantial increase in subscribers from September:

What is Shigure Ui's Loli God Requiem

Her channel, which had 890,000 subscribers, now has 1,200,000. But what’s behind this tremendous growth for Shigure Ui? Essentially, it’s a song in which she acts like a loli while mocking lolicons.

What is Shigure Ui’s Loli God Requiem?

On September 10, Shigure Ui uploaded a music video on her YouTube channel for her new song: “Loli God Requiem.” At the time of writing this post, the video has 17 million views!

But what is the song about? Well, let’s find out!

The song starts with “The Lonely Loli Goddess descends to Earth, and if I ring this bell, you know what will happen. This is the requiem of salvation.” As she says this, we see an image of Shigure Ui’s loli version holding a bell.

What is Shigure Ui's Loli God Requiem

This yellow thing is a real item that Japanese children use when they are outside. When pulled, it emits an alarm sound, useful when a child feels threatened by a suspicious adult.

After the introduction, we move to Shigure Ui’s first dance sequence. In a well-animated and cute animation, she says, “Come on, if you touch me, you’ll be arrested.” Male voices shout “Ah!” Then Shigure Ui sings as if she’s taking attendance in a prison, and the male voices apologize.

The lyrics continue to insult lolicons while she acts like a loli, saying that they will meet in court. She says, “Come on, Mr. Policeman, take him away, that delusional person with no good qualities.” In the background, male voices say, “Ui-chan, Ui-chan, wait, Ui-chan.”

Now, let’s get to the chorus!

“The Loli Goddess descends to Earth, cautious against these dangerous guys. If you’re not a decent person, please go and disappear quickly. If I ring this bell, you know what will happen. You’re a kind and amazing big brother. Hey, come and sleep in this paradise.”

I think you’re getting the vibe of the song now. We reach a part where Shigure Ui says, “Okay, everyone in prison, it’s time for the prison fan meeting, so clean your dirty ears and listen carefully.”

The video is already at this part:

At this point, Ui-chan starts offending, and you know there are many masochists, right? She says, and the guys in the background go wild, thanking her: “Nobody, disgusting, annoying, Can you please shut up? I hate you, deplorable, weak, worthless.”

All this while her loli version illustration holds the safety bell and looks at you with a contemptuous expression. And she continues to offend, saying, “All these deplorable onii-chans and onee-sans, there’s no salvation for you anymore. You’re all trash, time for disinfection, call 911.” And then she unleashes the Ui-Beam!

What is Shigure Ui's Loli God Requiem

The Ui-Beam is an inside joke between Shigure Ui and her fans. It started in a live stream where she was playing Tetris 99 with Vtuber Kenmochi Toya. She saw a player with the nickname “Please sing Fansa,” which is a song by HoneyWorks.

In another live stream, she remembered that player and started singing the song, which has “Love beam” in its lyrics. However, she replaced “Love beam” with “Ui-beam,” and the joke began, with other Vtubers in her collabs and her fans requesting the Ui-beam.

In this video, the Ui-Beam was used to punish lolicons. In the end, it’s clear that the song’s lyrics are about lolicons who enjoy lolis, with Ui, as a loli, insulting them, saying they will be arrested, and so on.

The song’s lyrics have various inside jokes that only she and her fans would understand, but this video went viral insanely, with many TikTok videos recreating the dance and numerous memes being created.

She even did a live stream where she sang this song live:

Funny enough, in this video, she sang while in a prison-themed setting, in her loli form, and she only sang songs related to lolis. For example: Los!Los!Los! – from Tanya, a loli. Kayfuku All Back, sung by a little girl, and even the opening theme of Kodomo no Jikan.

The song has truly gone viral on TikTok, with many people doing the dance, and many gaining millions of views!


毎日沢山リクエスト頂くので39℃あった女が即席衣装で再現してみましたがこれは再現できませんでした🤷🏻🎒 #粛聖ロリ神レクイエム☆ #しぐれういコスプレ #ロリ神 #踊ってみた #再現してみた #神綺杏菜

♬ 粛聖!! ロリ神レクイエム☆ – しぐれうい

Various fan arts are also being created; Shigure Ui has never been so popular.

Although she is generally “well-behaved,” Shigure Ui likes some heavier things.

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