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They complained about Oshi no Ko in BPO

They complained about Oshi no Ko in BPO

They complained about Oshi no Ko in BPO. BPO is a place that collects complaints, opinions from the general public in Japan regarding programs that are broadcast on TV.

In addition, BPO members discuss topics concerning TV programs among themselves, to decide whether such a program violates something, or whether it should not have been aired, etc. But relax, the BPO has no power over what is shown on TV, they only express the opinion of the population.

So for anime fans it ends up being interesting to see the opinions of “ordinary people” in relation to anime!

They Complained about Oshi no Ko in BPO

They complained about Oshi no Ko in BPO

In a new round of reviews for various shows, a complaint about Oshi no Ko was published. The person says:

“In one anime, there was an episode where a female character who participated in a real-life dating show suffered defamation and tried to commit suicide. It evokes real events, and the relatives of the woman who committed suicide expressed discomfort online, only to receive intense defamation from some of the show’s fans. The production company and broadcaster are inadvertently creating conditions where an individual is being attacked, so some kind of public statement needs to be made.”

According to the complaint, this person asks the companies involved in Oshi no Ko and the broadcaster to make statements about what Hana Kimura’s mother said?

For those who don’t know, what Akane goes through in Oshi no Ko is very similar to the real case of Hana Kimura, her mother came to twitter to complain about Oshi no Ko and asked people not to watch the anime.

Apparently, there were people who went to attack Hana Kimura’s mother for her statements, and it seems that the bullshit continues online.

Via: Otakomu

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