Spy x Family: Anya now in 3D in Shinjuku

Anya now in 3D in Shinjuku

Previously, we published here in Did You Know Anime some news about the heavy marketing of SPY x FAMILY, we talked about various campaign pieces from the anime.

Today we have just one more proof and demonstration of how much they are spending on anime marketing, you know those 3D ads that came and surprised everyone? It’s a big screen where it gives the impression of being something entirely in 3D, as the videos below show:

Isn’t it possible to see Anya on this same screen now? An advertisement announcing the anime’s return on October 1st is circulating on the 3D screen and you can see Anya and the new anime trailer:


Below you have the most recent trailer of the anime, which already has more than 4 million views on Youtube alone, but be careful when watching as it delivers a spoiler:

The second part of the SPY x FAMILY anime will premiere on October 1st this week! Remembering that this is not a second season, but the rest of the episodes of the first season.

via: Otakomu