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Akiba Maid War Receives Complaints At BPO: “makes light of human death”

Akiba Maid War Receives Complaints At BPO

Akiba Maid War is one of the surprises of the season because it’s exactly what no one would expect from an anime with cute maids in Akihabara.

But just like many and many other animes, people who end up staying up late at night watched the anime and decided to go to the BPO to complain about its content.

The BPO is a site where the Japanese can, anonymously, express their dissatisfaction with what is broadcast on Japanese TV, in the past it was a lot but nowadays complaints on the BPO generate engagement because they are funnier, to see what that there are people complaining and why.

And they found 3 complaints against the anime Akiba Maid War, check out the complaints:

“A late night anime portrayed a scene of mass murder carried out with weapons while uptempo music played. Both the killer and those being killed moved in a similar way to the dance moves, and a large number of people had blood gushing as they died. I don’t think a production that makes light of human death is suitable for the medium of television that is watched by many people.”

Akiba Maid War Receives Complaints At BPO

“A late night anime show aired a scene where a female character was sexually tortured and had mosaics covering her. Do you think this should be allowed to air late at night? Such shows are extremely harmful to young people.”

“A hero special effects drama had the main characters arrested by the police after they committed crimes and were fighting while in solitary confinement. I have never seen such a terrible champion of justice. I wonder if such a hero will become popular with children . It’s extremely comical and unpleasant.”

As I mentioned above, currently otakus have more fun watching complaints than necessarily taking them seriously, and would you complain about the anime playing late at night on TV too?

via: BPO