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Theory: Everything in Oshi no Ko is for Ruby

Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

Fan theories are really interesting. Discussing the possibilities and directions that a story can take is something very involved. One theory in particular suggests that everything in Oshi no Ko is geared towards Ruby, that all events are aimed at fulfilling her dream of becoming an idol.

Let’s start?

Everything in Oshi no Ko is for Ruby

In the video, the author mentions that some things in the story bother him. We all know that Ruby is the reincarnation of Sarina, a 12-year-old girl who was a huge fan of idols, including Ai.

The first strange point is that Sarina reincarnates as Ruby only 4 years after her death, while Gorou, upon dying, reincarnates on the same day as Aqua. Why was there a 4 year difference in Sarina’s case?

We know that it was Sarina who was a fan of Ai, not Gorou. He had no interest in idols or Ai. In the aforementioned scene, Gorou says that if Sarina became an idol, he would be a fan of hers.

Teoria: Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

It was because of Sarina that Gorou became Ai’s fan, and the reason why Gorou was Ai’s fan is because Ai was following the path Sarina wanted. He wanted to witness Ai fulfill her dream.

As for reincarnation…

In the same flashback, it is Sarina who mentions reincarnation. She expresses the desire to be born beautiful, to have connections, to be famous, etc. This is her dream. However, what does Gorou say? He claims he doesn’t believe in reincarnation.

Four years later, Sarina fulfills her dream and is reincarnated as Ruby, the daughter of someone she was obsessively fan of, looks, connections and all.

Oshi no Ko ep 1

In addition, Sarina, now as Ruby, was reincarnated alongside the person she most admired and loved, besides Ai: Gorou, her doctor. Now she’s living her dream, having everything she wanted.

But what about Gorou? What does he get out of it?

Anything. Absolutely nothing.

Gorou doesn’t have a goal of his own in this reincarnation. He did not want to be reincarnated and did not believe in it. After Ai’s death, he takes to acting out of revenge and enters the entertainment world as an actor. However, acting is not his dream, it’s just a means to get his revenge.

Realize that this whole reincarnation situation served to make Sarina’s dreams come true, Gorou doesn’t have dreams.

Now let’s get into some manga spoilers!

There is a mysterious character in the story known only among fans as “Crow Girl”. This girl knows about reincarnations, she knows who killed Ai, she knows everything.

In one chapter, she appears surrounded by crows to Ruby and says some things to her. It is at this moment that Ruby understands that her mother was killed in a planned way and that Aqua is looking for revenge. In that arc, Ruby also discovers Gorou’s body and wants revenge for him as well.

Teoria: Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

Crow Girl appeared in a recent chapter for Aqua. This is the first meeting shown in the manga between the two, but it is not the first time they have met in history.

Teoria: Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

From the conversation in this chapter, it’s obvious that Aqua has known about Crow Girl for a long time! In that chapter, the Crow Girl tells Aqua: “You should think a little more… about the meaning of carrying your soul in this body”.

This can be interpreted as the real reason why her reincarnation is not revenge for Ai, but something else. If Crow Girl’s goal was revenge, she wouldn’t cast that doubt on Aqua. So maybe his goal is to support Ruby in her dream.

Is the Crow Girl guiding Ruby?

It could be that this is actually Crow Girl’s goal, to make Ruby’s dream come true.

There is a chapter where Ruby is visiting Ai’s grave. At that moment, a crow in a tree starts to bleat, and Ruby realizes it’s time to leave. As she leaves the cemetery, she passes a man.

That man is her father! It seems that the crow warned Ruby to get out of there before the dangerous man got to her from behind.

Teoria: Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

Let’s remember episode 2? Ruby participated in an idol audition and just didn’t pass because Aqua interfered. Right after that, what happened? A recruiter came to Ruby.

When celebrating, she said this:

“I must be guided”

Teoria: Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

We haven’t seen exactly how she was recruited, but what if it was Crow Girl who guided her to be recruited? When Crow Girl talks to Aqua, it appears that she is happy with the path Ruby is on.

Miyako also mentions that he finds their (Ruby and Aqua’s) career odd, that it’s as if they “were guided”.

Everything Aqua does is for Ruby

Now, let’s talk about Aqua, because everything he does in the series has to be because of Ruby. In chapter 7, we see Aqua watching Ruby train in dance, fulfilling her dream of becoming an idol. And in chapter 106, Aqua mentions that he wants to leave a safe world for Ruby, even if he has to leave himself.

Teoria: Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

Aqua is also always helping Ruby achieve her dream (despite trying to get in her way at first), but after seeing her in a secure agency, which is owned by Miyako, he stopped interfering.

Aqua has probably known Crow Girl from the beginning and knows that her goal is to protect Ruby from anyone who wants to harm her. The story hints that Ruby’s father may also pose a threat to her.

One thing the anime did that maybe a lot of people didn’t realize is that when Aqua decides to seek revenge, the dark shadow that appears before forming her eyes is shaped like crows.

Teoria: Tudo em Oshi no Ko é para Ruby

What can this mean? Perhaps, at this point in the story, when Aqua was still a child, he had already met Crow Girl. It’s possible that Aqua knows that Ruby is actually Sarina, and that her goal is to make sure she fulfills her dream of becoming an idol as safely as possible, and he’s there to protect her.

Why does the Crow Girl want to help Sarina/Ruby become an idol?

Gorou and Sarina’s hometown has a goddess called Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto, who is the goddess of dance and the arts. And what did Sarina want? Become an idol. It is possible that Sarina prayed to the Goddess to make her dream come true.

So where does Crow Girl fit into this story? If Sarina prayed to Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto, the Crow Girl could be Yatagarasu. Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto has a connection to Amaterasu (the Goddess Ruby claims to be in the first episode), and Yatagarasu works for Amaterasu.

Therefore, it is possible that Amaterasu sent Yatagarasu (the Crow Girl) to help Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto.

Final Theory!

Teoria Oshi no Ko

Sarina, with the desire to become an idol, prayed to the Goddess Ame-no-Uzume-no-mikoto, who promised to grant her wish, but Sarina ended up dying. However, she was reborn as Ruby, along with the two people she most admired.

Aqua has been reborn to be Ruby’s guardian, protecting her (and he is aware of this). That’s why he seeks revenge on their father, who is also targeting Ruby.

What did you guys think of this theory? This theory is based on a video made by the Sylvanes channel, entitled “It’s All About Ruby”. In the video, he shares his theories and reflections on elements of the story that were puzzling his mind.