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Animators can’t take MAPPA Anymore

Animators can't take MAPPA Anymore

MAPPA studios already have a bad reputation, many animators have already used their Twitter accounts to criticize the terrible working conditions offered by the company. The animators can’t take MAPPA anymore, and the situation could get even worse in the future, compromising the studio’s productions due to the level of progress.

Animators can’t take MAPPA anymore

The Japanese portal Myjitsu published an article compiling the statements of French animator Vincent Chansard, who stated that he will not return to work for MAPPA studios after the second season of ”Jujutsu Kaisen”.

Animators can't take MAPPA anymore

The terrible working conditions in the studio and the abuse of workers were highlighted, imposing working hours that were almost impossible to comply with.

The second season of the super popular anime production ”Jujutsu Kaisen” recently ended and the production of a new sequel has already been decided, so the popularity of the franchise is only increasing. However, MAPPA studios, responsible for producing this million-selling series, have consistently been accused of abusing their animation workers.

What has caught our attention recently is a statement by young French animator Vincent Chansard. He is a talented artist who has been attracting attention with his work in recent years, having commanded the battle between Sukuna vs. Mahogara from episode 41 of ”Jujutsu Kaisen” and a variety of fight scenes in the Wano arc in One Piece.

In an interview conducted on Twitch by the media ”Konoha TV”, Vincent commented: ”I have no intention of continuing to support a company that doesn’t care about its workers”, revealing that he has no intention of returning to work for the studios MAPPA. Furthermore, in the same interview the animator revealed that he was forced to work an impossible schedule, which generated great controversy, especially among anime fans outside of Japan.

An industry source commented: ”Actually, this is not the first time that Vincent-san has made this type of statement, as he had already indicated a few years ago that he would not work for MAPPA again. However, when production on the second season of ”Jujutsu Kaisen” began, he apparently decided to return to the team because Taiwanese animator Hakuyu Go convinced him. In the same interview, Vincent-san commented that Go-san himself also has no intention of working for MAPPA again. It appears that the company will lose two valuable foreign talents”

Animators can't take MAPPA anymore

In November last year, animators Itsuki Tsuchigami and Souta Shigetsugu, who participated in the second season of ”Jujutsu Kaisen”, made negative comments on Twitter that immediately drew attention.

Although none of them mentioned the name of the company they were criticizing, their comments were clearly directed at MAPPA, especially on the issues of poor time planning.

Furthermore, in 2021, an animator who participated in the production of the final season of ”Shingeki no Kyojin” also made a post criticizing MAPPA’s poor planning and the company’s lack of interest in offering training to new employees.

Animators can't take MAPPA anymore

A source commented: ”Japanese animators are used to a certain degree of corporate abuse and poor working environment, so the conditions at MAPPA have never been exposed in this way. However, in recent years, foreign talent has been tapped to help with anime productions. The reality is that to achieve the level of quality that MAPPA has established in its objectives, there is no other option than to turn to foreign animators. However, abusive labor practices by anime studios are ”normal” only for Japanese people, but not for foreigners. Besides Vincent-san who decided to break the silence this time, I’m sure more and more entertainers will make this kind of statement in the future.”

He continued: ”In addition, many new projects emerging from the pages of Shonen Jump have attracted the attention of audiences around the world. Fans are expressing their distrust towards MAPPA, which seems to release finished work at the last minute, so the situation could get worse. In reality, no one doubts MAPPA’s capabilities as an anime studio, however, the company must take action on the matter if it wants to avoid these bitter pills from now on”.

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