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Yuri on Ice made very little money for MAPPA, according to CEO

Yuri on Ice made very little money for MAPPA, according to CEO

Yuri on Ice didn’t make much money, in fact, it made very little money, according to the CEO of MAPPA studio. Yuri on Ice won the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, surpassing Re:Zero that year, but the award means nothing if the anime doesn’t bring in profits.

Yuri on Ice made very little money for MAPPA, according to CEO

In a recent interview, Manabu Ohtsuka stated that Yuri on Ice helped change how the studio operates. He said the following:

“Our production, Yuri on Ice, was a big hit, but compared to that success, the money that came to the studio was very little.”

Yuri on Ice made very little money for MAPPA, according to CEO

He continues:

“We felt that our studio had the responsibility to continue allowing this structure, and we felt that we had to increase what we could do on our own. We can’t control when we will have a successful production, so unless we make the most of the limited opportunities we have, we won’t be able to grow as a company.

To get out of this situation, investments in other businesses, the environment, and human resource development were needed. Additionally, we needed to think about business plans. [Planning Department General Manager Makoto] Kimura, who has been working in these areas for a long time, joined us. At the same time, overseas distribution platforms entered the Japanese animation market, greatly expanding our opportunities.”

For some context, MAPPA is one of the companies in the production committee of Yuri on Ice, meaning they are one of the producing companies. However, they are at the bottom of the committee, which means they receive the smallest portion of the profits.

The Yuri on Ice production committee:

  • Avex Pictures
  • TV Asahi
  • Dentsu
  • CIC
  • CyGames
  • TV Asahi Music
  • Movic

This order shows who invested the most in the anime and who receives the most profits. MAPPA is clearly at the bottom, so they receive less. However, this explains why MAPPA wants to own its own productions, such as Chainsaw Man, for example.

Six years ago, it was announced that Yuri on Ice would have a movie, and to this day, there has been no further news about the production. It is unknown if the movie will actually be released. Considering the CEO’s statement from MAPPA, it indicates that they may not want to work on the film due to it not being financially viable. We can only wait and see.


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