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Wife makes Author stops writing novels

Wife makes Author stops writing novels

Wife makes Author stops writing novels. A case recently broke out on the Japanese internet when a novel author posted on his profile that he was going to delete his Narou account at the behest of his wife, who asked him to delete the account.

Narou is the nickname of a very famous website in Japan, on this website anyone can create an account and start publishing their stories. Narou has a lot of visits and many famous anime came from this site, such as ReZero, Mushoku Tensei and Slime.

Let’s understand now what happened..

Wife makes Author stops writing novels

On May 8, Wasanbong posted a thread on his acc that communicated that he was going to delete his Narou account as well as why he was doing so.

Wasanbong tells that he has been involved in creative activities since 2019, and he is married, he says that he and his wife had a child and that young son was born with autism.

He says that his wife is exhausted because of her difficult personality and the difficulties and complicated family situations she has been experiencing. When Wasanbong said that at the same time he was taking care of his son he was also writing internet novels, he said that his wife did not accept him.

She said that she couldn’t forgive him for continuing to enjoy his hobbies while she had given up everything to take care of the child and suppressed her desires, while he continued to write novels in secret. She couldn’t accept that.

He says that she didn’t calm down until he agreed to delete the account, and that he had no choice but to do what she wanted, so Wasanbong suspended his writing activities and will only return with his wife’s permission sometime. day.

He is however allowed to finish a project for kindle that he is involved with other authors, other than that he doesn’t know when he will be able to write again. He apologizes to all his fans for not getting permission from his wife.

An Author deleted his Acc on a novel website at the behest of his wife
Wife makes Author stops writing novelsand his last project is this novel with other authors

Wasanbong says that his “role” in the house is to “support his wife”, he wakes up in the morning, prepares the boy and leaves for work, has breakfast at McDonald’s and when he leaves, does the shopping, washes the dishes and sometimes does the laundry.

Below is his post with a screenshot of him deleting his account from Narou:

He had recently finished a webnovel and made art with the help of AI to illustrate one of the characters:

May life get better for Wasanbong and may he be able to write again and, who knows, get published.

Via: Wasanbong

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