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Blade & Bastard! The new Novel by the Author of Goblin Slayer with the Illustrator of Overlord

Blade & Bastard

Some time ago I published here saying that the author Kumo Kaguya, creator of Goblin Slayer, and the illustrator so-bin, from Overlord, teamed up to launch a new light novel.

This light novel is called Blade & Bastard, and its first chapter can be read here, but I’ll summarize what the story is about.

Blade Bastard

Basically we follow Larumas, who is a person whose job is to go into the dungeon and recover the bodies of dead adventurers there, it turns out that Larumas has no memories of his past life, it turns out that he died but was resurrected and lost his memories in the process.

If I understand correctly, in this world it is possible to resurrect dead adventurers, but not all of them work and there are people who die and are not revived.

Anyway, he is then in the dungeon on a mission to recover bodies when he finds a small person facing some monsters, after the bullshit he discovers that this small person has the name of “Garbage” (garbage in English).

Garbage is a girl, who doesn’t know how to speak and who was a slave, some situations happened and she ended up in that dungeon and being the only survivor.

After this meeting, Garbage continues to side with Larumas and the two start to be together while trying to find out about his past.