Welcome to Taiwan Cult: Adult Doujin with History of Cults

Welcome to Taiwan Cult

Two months ago, an adult manga appeared on adult manga sites Luffy with a story that when you read it you think it can only be a meme.

The name of the manga is “Welcome to Taiwan Cult” and it has a unique plot for an adult manga, I confess I’ve never seen a story like this before.

The story of Welcome to Taiwan Cult starts with our protagonist named Xiaolin who is playing, in that a friend of hers appears and says that there will be a cult in such a place, she is not interested but a famous politician of which she is a fan will be there and she gets excited to go and so she goes.

Welcome to Taiwan Cult 1

In this appears the leader of the cult, Miouyu, who makes a statement to the audience. He says that alone and with the power of his mana, he has protected Taiwan on 3 occasions from danger by driving forces out of invading countries.

Welcome to Taiwan Cult 3

The audience goes completely crazy with his statement and everyone starts to applaud, adore and make the same move as him, in which our protagonist falls into the wave and ends up having her mind eaten by them.

Welcome to Taiwan Cult 2

The cult leader then asks Xiaolin to find him and when she enters his room he appears to be weak because he is low on “mana” to protect the country, in which he convinces the girl to help him recover his mana.

Welcome to Taiwan Cult 2 1

And how do my people recover mana? In the good old hentao! Out of his mind, Xiaolin ends up in bed with the cult master, all for Taiwan’s sake!

Doujin reactions Welcome to Taiwan Cult

Let’s see the comments that the guys made about this strange manga?

“What a waste”

“You have joined the Taiwan cult, – 100 social credit”

“Glory to Taiwan”

“What the hell is that?”

“Good try Chinese Communist Party”

“This is Chinese Communist Party propaganda”

“What is this exactly?”

“As a Taiwanese person, this is the strangest doujin I’ve seen in a long time. They captured Taiwan’s reputation as an ‘island of cultists’ very well. Taiwanese law for religion is very soft, so many cults with Charismatic leaders posing as saints or magicians have been very popular among the working class, with Taiwan’s support for not having a dominant religion and people here being very superstitious.

If you want to see other work by Taiwanese artists/developers dealing with this, the game “Devotion” is a great horror version (you may have heard of it since it was pulled from Steam because of a very hidden Winnie the Pooh joke). , but is now selling in a few different stores)”

“Remember children, Taiwan is a country”

“The moment I saw the name of the country I saw that this doujin was a meme”

Well, at least it was good to know that this doujin portrays a real situation that occurs in Taiwan, it is worth mentioning that Japan is also a country where many religious cults emerged, and many of them to apply blows to people.

The doujin’s name is Welcome to Taiwan Cult.