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End of Lolis Coming? Comic LO is now bimonthly

End of Lolis Coming? Comic LO is now bimonthly

Sign of the beginning of the end? Comic LO is now bimonthly. One of the adult manga magazines that only publishes stories with lolis, Comic LO is famous for being the target of censorship over the years, in addition to its donation campaigns.

The “LO” in Comic LO’s name stands for “Lolita Only”, and as I mentioned above, they only publish lolis stories. Its covers, however, do not usually reveal that the magazine is adult, as it has normal illustrations:

End of Lolis Coming? Comic LO is now bimonthly

Comic LO is now bimonthly

The most recent issue of Comic LO however left the Japanese thoughtful, it was announced that the magazine will no longer be monthly and that it will now be bimonthly. Instead of having new issues every month, we will have new issues every two months.

End of Lolis Coming? Comic LO is now bimonthly

Obviously the Japanese started raising theories, Comic LO has been suffering from censorship and pressure for many years, and this sign is not seen as good, going from a monthly publication to a bimonthly one means less stories being published.

These were some reactions from the Japanese:

“Did you know that it’s more profitable for artists to put their manga on the DLsite?”

“It became bimonthly, it’s the end”

“Everyone downloads manga illegally”

“Must be because the Loli boom is over”

“What happens is that the good artists publish themselves on the internet, in magazines only the bad artists are”

“Fortunately, the magazine will not be cancelled, it seems to me already a miracle that it continues to be published in print”

Comic LO assured that they continued to publish the magazine, still no sign of a cancellation, but with each news of the type, fans are worried about the end of it.

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