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Adult Animation of Denji with Makima has Nearly 3 Million Views

Adult Animation of Denji with Makima has Nearly 3 Million Views

An adult animation of Denji with Makima has nearly 3 Million views on Twitter alone. The artist Maplestar, who according to his description makes “cute and perverted animations”, in November last year released an animation on his account that joins Denji with Makima.

The preview of the animation is 1 minute and 23 seconds long and was published on his profile on November 29 and so far has 2.6 million views. You can check below:

The complete Maplestar animation is available on his Patreon (but you can find it around on certain websites), according to Maplestar, the complete scene is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long and took a lot of work to do, it was his biggest project at the time.

Maplestar became best known when he made an adult animation between Loid and Yor, published in June last year, his version of SPY x FAMILY reached 4.7 million views.

Other anime he has animated include Shield Hero, Kanojo Okarishimasu, Mieruko-chan among others. He doesn’t work alone though, and until recently he was looking for people to work on animations.

The animation of Maplestar arrived in the Japanese who started to comment the following about this adult animation of Denji with Makima:

“Denji only has one ball because he sold one”

“He merged with Pochita, so everything was resolved, he sold an eye too but he doesn’t wear an eye patch anymore”

“Boring porn with boring animation”

“I bet the breeders are involved, you leave it all to China, and they take it from you”

“So… where’s the video of the real heroine, Power-chan?”

“I love Mama”

“I heard that elementary school kids are reading the Chainsaw Man manga and learning kinky words and using them in school”

“If you know how to use the AI that is super popular right now, you can do this kind of thing pretty easily”

Despite having strange things in the animation, it is incredible to see how much fans are evolving in this regard and the level reached is quite impressive.