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We Have an Official Fate Timeline!

Temos uma TIMELINE Oficial de Fate

Finally, we have an OFFICIAL FATE TIMELINE! The TYPE-MOON Ace volume 15 magazine was released in Japan, and it contains various information about the Fate series, including the official timeline!

This is something that many fans have thought about and considered over the years, and now we have an official Fate timeline. So, if you want to follow Fate in chronological order, no problem!

Official Fate Timeline

The Fate timeline in TYPE-MOON Ace volume 15 only covers the main Fate stories and does not include, for example, the Fate/Kaleid series, which is an anime series featuring Illya as a magical girl.

Let’s go through the timeline!

Origin of the Timeline:

1.800 – 1.970

  • The First Holy Grail War takes place (Not adapted)
  • The Second Holy Grail War takes place (Not adapted)
  • The Third Holy Grail War takes place (Not adapted)

After the Third Holy Grail War, the timeline splits into several timelines.

Timeline 1


  • Fate/Zero (Novel and Anime) – Fourth Holy Grail War

Early 2000s

  • Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files (Novel and Anime)
  • Fate/Stay Night (Game and Anime) – Fifth Holy Grail War (Stay Night is divided into three routes: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven’s Feel)
  • Fate/Holow Ataraxia (Game)

Late 2000s

  • Adventures of Lord El Melloi II (Novel)

We Have an Official Fate Timeline

Timeline 2

Now, let’s look at the second timeline. The first two Holy Grail Wars occur normally, but it is during the Third War that things diverge. Here, the Holy Grail was stolen during the Third War.

Early 2000s

  • Fate/Apocrypha (Novel and Anime) – A Holy Grail War where a group of 7 masters and their servants face another group of 7 masters and their servants
  • Fate/Labyrinth (Novel) Manaka Saiyou and Saber are in a labyrinth searching for the Holy Grail


  • Fate:Lost Einherjar (Novel)

Timeline 3

This is the timeline of the Extra series, which occurs after the year 2025, also diverging from the Third War.

  • Fate/Extra (Game) – The story of the Moon Holy Grail War.
  • Fate/Extra CCC (Game) – The story behind the Electronic Moon World
  • Fate/EXTELLA (Game) – Three factions fight for dominance in SE.RA.PH
  • Fate/EXTELLA Link (Game) – The battle against the great Emperor unfolds in a new land of the Moon

We Have an Official Fate Timeline

Other Series that Occur in Their Own Universes:

According to the official image and from what I could understand, there are other main Fate stories that do not occur in the above three timelines (Stay Night, Apocrypha, and Extra), and they take place in their own timelines.

Fate/Requiem Timeline:

Fate/Requiem (Novel)

  • Occurs in the future, after the year 2025, and tells the story of a Holy Grail War in some place.

Fate/Prototype Timeline:

Fate/Prototype Fragments of Sky Silver (Novel)

  • 1991, the Holy Grail War that will eventually…

Fate/Prototype (Not Yet Published)

  • Original idea for Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Strange Fake Timeline:

Fate/Strange Fake (Novel and Anime)

  • The False Holy Grail War that occurs in the USA, said to take place in a world between Fate and Tsukihime.

Fate/Grand Order Timeline:

Fate/Grand Order (Game)

  • A story about gathering heroic spirits to save the future.

Below you can find the image with the official Fate timeline:

We Have an Official Fate Timeline

As mentioned, Fate/Kaleid is not included here, and to be honest, I don’t see it as a mega-important series that needs to be in the timeline since it is a spin-off featuring Illya as a magical girl. But there you have it! We finally have an official Fate timeline to put an end to discussions.

And there’s more! In addition to the official Fate timeline, there is also an image that shows the relationship between each Fate story, and you can view the image here.

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