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Illustrator Doxeed because of Leaked Genshin Impact Character Fanart

Illustrator Doxeed because of Leaked Genshin

Apparently an illustrator ended up being a victim of “doxxing” in the Chinese community. Doxxing is when you have your personal information leaked and spread on the internet.

The case I tell you today involves several illustrators, who ended up being victims of doxxing. All this just because of a fanart of a character that was leaked from the game Genshin Impact.

The victim’s name is apparently 羽蛇Quetzalli, according to what is said, she deleted all her posts on bilibili. A post on Arknights’ Reddit tries to explain the story, but according to some people, it contains some misinformation, another post on Gachagaming’s Reddit seems to better clarify what exactly happened, so I’ll use this second post as a base.

However, as all this happened in the Chinese community and it’s complicated to check everything, read on but there may still be something wrong.

Illustrator Doxeed because of Leaked Genshin Impact Character Fanart: TimeLine of Events

It all started on July 10th, when a creator on bilibili who plays Genshin and other gacha games, posted a certain video complaining about creators putting leaked Genshin character images in their thumbs.

Basically this gets in the way of players who don’t want to receive spoilers for new content in the game, who want to be surprised by the official announcement and leakers ruin it.

On July 11, an illustrator named 羽蛇Quetzalli posted a fanart of a Genshin Impact character that has yet to be officially released. Bullshit occurred in the comments with people complaining about her making a fanart of a leaked character but most of the people supported the illustration.

However, there were people very irritated by the illustration of a leaked character, and one person commented this: “If you’re ok with posting leaked stuff, it’s ok to post your Fanbox stuff right?” (Fanbox is a service like Patreon).

羽蛇Quetzalli deleted the illustration and said that he might stop publishing things related to Genshin Impact:


On July 12 羽蛇Quetzalli apologized for the leaked character fanart from Genshin Impact. She also said that she received several harassing messages in her DMs. Some people asked for proof of the harassment and the vast majority of the comments were from people supporting 羽蛇Quetzalli.

But apparently the doxxing really happened, because 羽蛇Quetzalli’s private phone number was published in several places, her Fanbox contents leaked yes, but they leaked long before this attack (this I confirm because I found it).

On July 13, 冰宫Asylum, who is friends with 羽蛇Quetzalli, contacted the person who made a video containing the files from 羽蛇Quetzalli’s comment session. Asking him to delete the video to avoid further drama. However, the person refused to delete the video saying “Give me a good reason to convince myself”.

冰宫Asylum posted a status saying that the person who posted the video just wanted to create more chaos, soon the doxxing became even bigger and several other artists started receiving threats and several decided to delete some illustrations or close social networks.

The biggest reason for this is that there are big people in the Chinese community who are “anti-mihoyo”, “anti-Arknights”, “Anti etc” who take any chance of drama to try to destroy others.

From what I’ve seen, the current situation is this, several artists who are involved in making Genshin and Arknights arts are quiet, many had their personal information leaked and are suffering harassment, many fights in video comments on bilibili and Weibo and all this started by cause of a fanart.

At the time of writing this post, the situation has been described to me as being “chaotic”.