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Sound of Louise putting on her socks was recorded by a guy doing the same

Louise from Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima is an isekai anime that premiered in 2006. Although it is an isekai, it is more of an adventure with romantic comedy and ecchi elements that has garnered many fans.

Unfortunately, the author Noboru Yamaguchi passed away in 2013 after a two-year battle with cancer, before completing the light novel’s story. His work was finished based on notes he left behind.

For those unfamiliar with Zero no Tsukaima, the story takes place in a fantasy world with a magic school. One of the students, the clumsy Louise, ends up summoning a human from Earth, Saito, as her familiar.

Anime Zero no Tsukaima - Louise

From there, the story follows Louise and Saito through various comedic, romantic, and ecchi situations. A popular scene in Zero no Tsukaima is when Louise dresses up, putting on a thigh-high sock, which appears in the first episode.

Sound of Louise putting on her socks was recorded by a guy doing the same

Pay attention to the scene above, especially the sound when Louise puts on the sock and it “snaps” against her skin. The author Noboru Yamaguchi revealed on his Twitter in 2012 that, during the anime’s production, a man on the sound team wore a sock to achieve the most realistic sound possible.

Although this information has been available since 2012, it did not gain much attention at the time. However, on June 8, a profile shared this trivia, and the fact went viral. Now, when you watch Zero no Tsukaima and hear the “slap” of Louise’s sock against her skin, know that the sound was produced by a man wearing the sock.

Source: Noboru Yamaguchi

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