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One Punch Man: Tatsumaki’s Thighs have increased in size

Tatsumaki's Thighs

We just posted about fans worried about the anime shrinking Makima’s butt size and now let’s talk about Yusuke Murata enlarging Tatsumaki’s Thighs and butt from One Punch Man.

As you may know, the One Punch Man manga has its story written by ONE and the arts are done by Yusuke Murata, fans took the arts from the beginning of the manga and compared it with the art of the current chapters and saw that Tatsumaki is with more leg, thigh and butt compared to the beginning of the story.

Check it out:

Tatsumaki at the beginning of the manga:

Tatsumaki's Thighs

Tatsumaki in the latest chapters:

Tatsumaki's Thighs

Comparing Tatsumaki’s Thighs and butt side by side at the beginning of the manga with currently we have this:

Tatsumaki's Thighs

Well, I think this is more because of Murata’s art, even though it evolved over time, than necessarily some growth from Tatsumaki, ah, unless I missed something in the story, to be honest, it’s been a while since I read One Punch Man .