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Little girl puts brother’s name in a Death Note

Little girl puts brother's name in a Death Note

”The human whose name is written in the Death Note will die”, ”The writing of the name will have no effect if the writer does not have the victim’s face in mind”, ”If the cause of death is not specified within than 40 seconds, the person will die of cardiac arrest”.

Death Note and polemics, two inseparable things. A legendary franchise that most likely marked you and thousands of others around the world. The series has caused countless bullshit around the world, it’s not news to anyone, right?

Little girl puts brother’s name in a Death Note

But the subject we are going to bring today is a little girl and her notebook entitled ”Death Note”. A Twitter user was shocked when he found out that his little sister had put his name in the death notebook:

As you can see, the left image translates to ”Death Note”, and the right image translates to ”Onii-chan” or ”Big Brother”. Apparently, his sister wants him dead.

little girl puts brother's name

Shall we see some comments on this?

”Wow, it seems I’m having second thoughts about whether I really want a little sister”

“I’m Kira”

”How cute”

“I think it’s cute that she didn’t spell her name right”

”I remember making a Death Note when I was in fourth or fifth grade. There were so many people I didn’t like in my class that I painted my notebook black and wrote down the names of all the people I didn’t like.”

”You are in danger!”

Death Note is a machine for generating controversy that still works today. Today’s case is funny, but we can expect more bullshit involving the series in the future.

Via: Otakomu