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Vinland Saga: China now censors women?

Vinland Saga China now censors women

China has a habit of censoring anime and game content that they deem ”inappropriate”. This time, we have another episode of censorship, this time with the popular series Vinland Saga where apparently China now censors women.

But also on the other hand, it is true that there is a joke among otakus where they take a certain scene from an anime or game and censor it by saying that it was China.

Vinland Saga: China now censors women?

But which scene from Vinland Saga was apparently censored by China? Well, in the new season of the anime run by MAPPA studios, we have a scene where the character Olmar appears standing in a room, and on the bed is a naked woman. And what was the supposed censorship? They just made the woman disappear! That’s right, see with your own eyes.

Vinland Saga: China now censors women?

Vinland Saga: China now censors women?

Again, this could just be a joke among anime fans, as when checking out the Chinese platform Bilibili you can see the scene unchanged.

So it was all just a joke? Maybe, but there are always media outlets in China where there is greater control over the content that is broadcast there, especially because China actually has a long history of censoring anime and games.

Anyway, how about we take a look at the reactions online?

”Wait, is he talking to himself? Isn’t dad holding the glass at the door? If he’s not there, why does he run away and say no one respects him? I have a lot of questions”

”The damn communists erased my girl, I can’t hate Beijing anymore”

”The guy forgot to take his schizophrenia medicine”

”I can’t believe they messed up one of the best-written characters like that” ”Wait, this isn’t real, is it?”

“They sheathed the sword again? How is the first season going? Are they fighting with sticks and balloons? Is Thrkell playing dodgeball? Is he really playing with Thorfinn?”

”I knew! Women don’t exist”

”Source? I doubt it’s real, since Chinese films have semi-nude scenes, not to mention anime”

“This kind of censorship makes my hair stand on end”

Anyway, is censorship real or not? What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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