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Is Slime’s Third Season having too many meetings?

Is Slime's Third Season having too many meetings?

The third season of Slime is currently airing and it seems that there are fans who are quite upset with the amount of meetings the episodes are bringing.

I’m not watching the third season (even though I’ve seen the previous two), so I don’t know exactly what’s going on but watching anime reaction channels as well as comments on forums and social media, it seems we’ve had only meetings in all the episodes aired so far.

For example, the meme below sums up the first 5 episodes:

Is Slime's Third Season having too many meetings?

Is Slime’s Third Season having too many meetings? Fans discuss

And apparently even episode 6 had more and more meetings, let’s see some comments on the internet in general about these Slime episodes with meetings?

“Tensura fans are industry plants, you cannot convince me that a person genuinely enjoys 5 episodes of meetings.”

“Politics can be fun.”

“Shonen fans when there’s no action every minute and they get worldbuilding.”

“It’s not as bad as they say.”

“I prefer politics over deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen any day.”

“I don’t mind meetings in an anime, they are necessary, my problem with Slime 3 is that the meetings happen a lot, too much, the second season had that and it continues in the 3rd.”

“I like the politics in Overlord much more than in Slime and both protagonists are OP.”

“I like the meetings, but I understand those who aren’t enjoying it.”

“Summary of the third season so far: Ep 1 – Meeting Ep 2 – Meeting Ep 3 – Meeting Ep 4 – Meeting Ep 5 – Meeting Ep 6 – Meeting”

“I enjoy it because, for me, these meetings are hella entertaining.”

“I want to remind people that we are literally 5 episodes into a 24-episode season. I’m not saying you have to like it, but Tensura is generally 75/25 in terms of action to politics/worldbuilding. With two arcs being the exception.”

“Honestly, with slime I usually chill on it each season until the first half is done because it’s so slow. I like the anime, but the pacing can be kinda out of whack.”

“Episodes 3 and 4 were kind of regular in terms of politics, but you can’t tell me episode 5 wasn’t good, man. I didn’t even realize 20 minutes went by so fast. But I agree that we need a change of pace now.”


“We’re literally here for the dialogue and politics, Fuze can’t write action for his life.”

“Imagine understanding that Tensura is a big geopolitical isekai anime.”

“It’s not even about the ‘I want action type of shit,’ I like re:zero and it has a lot of yapping too. It’s just that the direction they went for these geopolitical meetings episodes in S3 is just boring as fuck.”

“I genuinely can’t understand how you made it past the first 8 episodes of the series, it’s literally just dialogue… Tensura has always been about that, for some reason people think it’s less boring when he’s in a cave…???”

Is Slime's Third Season having too many meetings

Are you watching Slime? Are you enjoying the third season so far?

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