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Kyouko Birthday Canceled by Aniplex

Kyouko Birthday Canceled by Aniplex

In many cases, when a company makes a mistake, they release a statement apologizing to their fans for the oversight. However, today’s case is one of the strangest and most unusual apologies I’ve ever seen: Aniplex apologized for celebrating Sakura Kyouko’s birthday.

Kyouko Birthday Canceled by Aniplex

Sakura Kyouko is one of the 5 main characters from the 2011 anime, Madoka Magica, which will have a new movie released next year, as everything indicates. Being one of the protagonists, Aniplex celebrated her birthday on their official Twitter account but soon after published an apology to the fans!

In the statement, they say:

“On May 9th, Aniplex of America accidentally wished “happy birthday” to Sakura Kyoko from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica when she doesn’t have an official birthday. We sincerely apologize for all the confusion this has caused. Thank you for your support and love for Sakura Kyoko and the Madoka Magica series.”

Kyouko Birthday Canceled by Aniplex

Some fans of the Madoka Magica series reacted in various ways:

“Kyoko deserves a birthday.”

“I hope Kyoko has an amazing birthday, whenever it is.”

“Give her a birthday.”

“Happy unbirthday, Kyoko.”

“It takes a great man to forgive, and today I am that great man.”

“We won’t forgive you.”

Aniversário da Kyoko Cancelado pela Aniplex

Celebrating the birthday of beloved characters allows fans to celebrate the dates with fanarts, cosplays, and merchandise on social media. Furthermore, companies themselves take advantage of their characters’ birthdays. Take, for example, Re:Zero, which holds two annual events, one in February celebrating the birthdays of Rem and Ram, and another event in September celebrating Emilia’s birthday.

However, among the girls from Madoka Magica, only Madoka has had her official birthday confirmed, occurring on October 3rd. The other 4 girls do not have official birthdays, but fans have set dates for them.

As chosen by fans, Mami has her birthday on June 5th, Sayaka on September 20th, Homura on July 3rd, and Kyoko on May 9th. However, these dates were determined by fans and are not official.

What do you think of this case?

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