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VTuber Marine receives Ship in Hong Kong for 2 Million Subscribers

VTuber Marine receives Ship in Hong Kong

Marine is one of Hololive’s most well-known and popular Vtubers, she is a pirate in her history, who commands her ship in search of treasures as you can see in the image below, from one of the anime MVs she received a few months ago:

This MV also has some pretty ecchi scenes of her, but not as much as this one here that was taken even harder:

VTuber Marine receives Ship in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong people got together to leave a boat with Marine’s face, even having a Marine cosplayer to take pictures on the spot.

See how it turned out:

And now pictures of her with the now Marine-themed ship:

Marine Navio 1 Marine Navio 2

Marine Navio 3 Marine Navio 4 Marine Navio 5

Marine Navio 6 Marine Navio 7

The project to customize this ship came from Vtuber fans in celebration of the 2 million subscribers Marine received on their channel. from the 10th to the 16th of November it will be possible to take a trip on the Marin ship.

Fans do a lot of things for their waifus don’t they? This isn’t the first time fans have paid tribute to their favorite Vtubers in some way. Rushia had already won a bus before.

via: Yo Yo Lam