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Love Live helped fan fight depression

Love Live helped fan fight depression

When we get depressed, we seek comfort in a variety of places, giving our family a hug, having the company of a pet, watching or playing something.

And there are cases where a franchise ends up helping people against negative feelings, which is today’s case where the popular Love Live helped  fan fight depression.

Love Live helped fan fight depression

Love Live is a multimedia project that revolves around a group of girls at a school who become idols, forming a group in order to prevent the school from being closed.

A Love Live fan took to Twitter to explain his experience with the franchise. He starts with a video where he talks about his experience with the help of some kitten memes.

It all started in 2010 where he got very emotional, and after a while, he found himself watching a certain anime on TV where he encountered Love Live for the first time. And from there, the magic began.

Love Live helped fan fight depression

As time went by, this fan delved deeper into the Love Live universe, got to know the adaptations and became part of the franchise’s fandom, going to the events that were organized and getting in touch with people who shared the same taste.

In a text, he thanks his father for the approach he had since childhood, describing him as an otaku whom he respects a lot. As for his mother, he says he can’t say much about it because their relationship is complicated.

And for now, he decides to prioritize his responsibilities, although he does not rule out the idea that at some point he may have a relapse, as on certain occasions he has stopped going to in-person events due to depression.

This shows us that it is extremely important to enjoy your hobbies as they actually help us deal with negative feelings and bring us joy.

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