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ReZero girls are not moving as they should in NIKKE

ReZero girls are not swinging as they should in NIKKE

Recently, the mobile game NIKKE launched a collaboration with the ReZero franchise, featuring characters like Emilia, Rem, and Ram from ReZero as playable characters. However, this collaboration is being criticized by fans because the characters are not “swinging” as they should.

As you may know, the main point of NIKKE is to see the girls’ buttocks swinging, and there is a lack of this in the ReZero collab.

ReZero girls are not moving as they should in NIKKE

First, let’s check how Emilia is in Nikke:


Now, Rem:


And finally, Ram:

Players are criticizing the lack of swing in the characters or the lack of fanservice to be more exact. Previously, NIKKE presented collabs with characters from other franchises where in some cases we had the “swing”.

However, those who have played this collab already said that at least the story is quite interesting.

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