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Women make up 40% of NIKKE players in South Korea

Women make up 40% of NIKKE players in South Korea

When we talk about the NIKKE mobile game, the first thing that comes to mind is the sultry visuals and the well-known fanservice the game offers. After all, it’s a shooting game where the protagonist stands with her back to the player, crouched, often showcasing her posterior and swaying it across the screen.

Notably, the game even exploited this characteristic in a controversial commercial some time ago, portraying beautiful women negatively in relation to a player.

Therefore, it’s understandable that many might assume this type of game attracts only men, especially those with more risqué intentions, collecting female characters solely for their sensuous appeal.

However, data from Sensor Tower has revealed that, at least in South Korea, 40% of the players are women!

Women make up 40% of NIKKE players

Women make up 40% of NIKKE players in South Korea

According to Sensor Tower, the global revenue accrued from November 4, 2022, to November 10, 2023, surpassed $600 million. In the first year of the game, Japan led with a revenue share of 59.3%, followed by the United States at 15.5%, and South Korea in third place with 12.2%.

Yet, what stands out in these statistics is the fact that NIKKE boasts a 40% female player base in South Korea. Discussing this phenomenon, an online commentator suggested that this substantial number of women might have been drawn in by the attractive male characters or simply enjoy NIKKE’s storyline or combat dynamics.

One aspect that NIKKE fans commend is its storyline, which, despite the overtly sensual content, is described as “engaging and thrilling.”

via Sensor Tower

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