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Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1 – Wi-Fi Love

Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1 - Amor no Primeiro Wi-Fi

Have you ever fallen in love? Do you remember why you fell in love? What sparked it? Well, in this romantic comedy called Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1, the heroine falls for the protagonist after he helps her with the Wi-Fi!

Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1 no Bishoujo to Doukyo Suru Koto ni Natta is a manga written by Mihagi Senya, with illustrations by Jaguchi, recently released.

But what is the story of Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1 about? I must say it has the most convenient plot possible to get the main couple to live together.

Just imagine, the world is going through a pandemic and everything is done remotely. It’s a world where everything is done at a distance, schools, jobs, everything.

Then we have Yoshino, who was living in a dormitory until he discovered that an infected person was found there. So everyone living there is now homeless because the government is going to disinfect the building. With no alternative, Yoshino goes to sleep on the street, but soon Hoshikawa Haruka appears.

She says she’s bad with machines and is hunting for a Wi-Fi network in the middle of the night on the street when Yoshino ends up helping her, and the two go to Haruka’s apartment.

Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1

Since she is bad with machines, Yoshino helps her set up the Wi-Fi. But when he’s about to leave, she says that since she’s bad with technology, it would be good if he lived there with her to help her with her classes and such.

But there’s a catch: it’s a lie. She understands technology, but she’s in love with him and saw him on the street. So she made up this whole excuse to make him live with her to have a chance with Yoshino.

Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1

In a flashback, it is told that before meeting Yoshino, Haruka was having problems with her Wi-Fi on the street when Yoshino helped her by connecting her phone to the internet. That’s how she ended up falling in love with him.

Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1

Love at first connection, right? I found Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1 interesting because the girl, from the beginning of the series, has every intention of being with the protagonist, and she’s cute. Let’s see how this develops.

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