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Game Developer wants Netorare Fan

Game Developer wants Netorare Fan

Have you ever heard of netorare? It’s a genre in Japanese media that revolves around themes of infidelity and has caused quite a stir among audiences. While some find it traumatic, others enjoy it. Now, a game developer is looking for fans of netorare for their next project.

Alice Soft, a well-known developer of adult games in Japan, has created titles like Rance, Beat Angel Escalayer, and Dohna Dohna. Although they haven’t been in the spotlight recently, they’ve caught attention on social media with a job posting.

Game Developer wants Netorare Fan

The requirement? The new hire will help develop titles focused on “married women” and “netorare,” meaning the candidate must enjoy netorare!

Tweet from Alice Soft announcing a job opening for fans of netorare.

Among Alice Soft’s games, I’ve only played Dohna Dohna. While it doesn’t primarily focus on netorare, it does include netorare scenes. Additionally, I believe Rance and Beat Angel Escalayer feature netorare elements.

So, is there anyone out there who understands Japanese, game development, and is a fan of netorare? This might be your chance to apply!

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