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Pricolage IDOLIZED: Solve the mystery of the missing Idol

Pricolage IDOLIZED

It was announced for PC (Steam), the game Pricolage IDOLIZED, with launch scheduled for October of that year. But what is this game about?

Well, Pricolage IDOLIZED is an adventure game in which the player must solve the mystery behind the disappearance of an idol by looking for clues on the internet and investigating social networks.

Pricolage IDOLIZED: Solve the mystery of the missing Idol

The game’s protagonist is Sena, a young girl who was a member of the K-pop idol group 7uster. She is a kind-hearted and hard-working person whose childhood dream was to bring smiles to the faces of those around her.

To fulfill her dream, she faced the challenge of auditioning to become an idol. After successfully debuting as a K-pop idol, she became very popular, gaining up to 400,000 followers on social media.

But then, the popular idol disappeared. The protagonist’s duty is to seek the truth behind her disappearance through the internet, which is full of falsehoods and confusion. Along the investigation, the player will also learn the true face of the popular idol.

Pricolage IDOLIZED: Resolva o mistério da Idol desaparecida

Pricolage IDOLIZED: Resolva o mistério da Idol desaparecida

The protagonist continues with the investigation using posts made by Sena on her social networks as clues. In addition to Sena’s own posts, there is also information on sightings made by other people on the internet.

When investigating images, clicking on certain parts of interest will lead to the discovery of keywords needed to solve the mystery. New information can also be obtained by searching using search engines and hashtags.

Specifically, in a video scene of the Pricolage IDOLIZED trailer, the protagonist sees a post from Sena about a strange glass shoe she saw on her way home.

Then, by searching for the keywords ”glass shoe”, the player discovers a technique used to track a target’s footsteps using social media that is being used in real life. In this way, the player uses photos posted by Sena to gather the events that happened around her.

Pricolage IDOLIZED has multiple possible endings. Depending on the actions chosen by the player, the story branches, leading to one of six different endings.

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