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What are the idol glow sticks?

What are the idol glow sticks?

idol glow sticks are items that appeared in Episode 11 of Oshi no Ko. As we know, Ruby chose red, Memcho chose yellow, and Kana chose white.

Each of them had their own colors, and when we saw the stage, the majority of the audience had a yellow light stick. But what exactly are these idol light sticks?

What are the idol glow sticks?

If you search for idol shows on YouTube or look at photos on the internet, you will see that the audience is always holding these colored sticks.

What are the idol glow sticks?

Basically, these light sticks serve as a way for fans in the audience to support their favorite idols. In many idol groups, each member has an associated color.

Take, for example, the idol group Momoiro Clover Z (but this applies to any idol group). Each member has her own color, and it’s so common that the group has custom light sticks for their fans:

What are the idol glow sticks?

So, for each idol having her own color, you show your support for her by waving this colored stick corresponding to your favorite idol in a group.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes when you see photos or videos where the entire audience has the same color light stick, it may simply mean that they are matching the color to a particular song or it’s someone’s birthday, etc.

What are the idol glow sticks?

Additionally, you can change the color of your light stick with a button that comes with it. That’s why in the Oshi no Ko anime, we saw some white light sticks appearing after Aqua’s performance. With a button, you can change the color.

The Oshi no Ko anime is quite faithful in portraying various aspects of the reality of idols.

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