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Group Announces 3 Idols Fled

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You didn’t read the title of this post wrong; yes, 3 idols have fled from their group, simply deciding to abandon it without even contacting the management to inform about their disappearance.

Group Announces 3 Idols Fled

There is an idol group called “Metaphoria,” which is relatively new, having been formed on October 9, 2022. It is a mixed-gender idol group, comprising both women and men, aiming to break gender barriers.

The group was initially formed with 5 members and gained an additional member in May of this year. On June 3rd, the member Nanase Nana left the group, but that’s not the focus here. Instead, the attention is on three other members who decided to flee from the group.

In an official statement on their profile, the idol group Metaphoria announced that members Murasawa Kii, Ishizaki Yuuki, and Kamui Negi have gone missing, and the management has been unable to get in touch with any of them.

However, in the same statement, Metaphoria explains to their fans the reasons they believe each member chose to leave the group. Let’s take a look at the reasons:

Kamui Negi

Group Announces 3 Idols Fled

According to the group’s management, Negi had informed them that she lacked confidence in singing and dancing, feeling unable to keep up with the other members.

The management reveals that they received messages from people outside the group stating that Negi had no experience as an idol, which they found to be false, as she had previously been part of other agencies.

However, they later discovered that she had also been rejected by several other agencies, and when she applied to join Metaphoria, she lied to avoid being rejected again, something they only found out later.

Murasawa Kii

Group Announces 3 Idols Fled

Looking at this picture of Kii, what do you think of her? Beautiful? Cute? Lovely? She indeed gives off a sweet girl vibe, but according to Metaphoria’s management, she engaged in arguments with fans on Twitter.

There was a rule in the group that idols could only tweet with the approval of the management, but Kii got into disputes with fans, attacking them. Additionally, she engaged in other Twitter activities that the management did not approve.

Ishizaki Yuuki

Group Announces 3 Idols Fled

Apparently, he was leaking internal group information to fans, something that should not be done. Furthermore, he was struggling to balance his personal life with his idol activities.

Keep in mind that this group was formed in October last year, and by December, Yuuki was already telling others that he lacked motivation and wanted to leave the group. Additionally, some fans had already complained about certain behaviors he displayed during handshake events.

These are the reasons that the group Metaphoria believes these three members simply left. As we don’t have the side of the three idols who fled, we cannot judge.

Metaphoria announced that, for now, the group will continue with only the two remaining current members, Kobato Noa and Yumehara Emma.

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