Arknights Issues Statement on Oldeus Case

Arknights Issues Statement on Oldeus Case

Previously we published here that the Oldeus project was accused of plagiarism by fans, as its animated PV had many similarities with an animation of Arknights.

You can see the Oldeus side here. Yesterday the official profile of the mobile game Arknights released a statement informing its version of the facts about the case.

In the statement, they say that the Oldeus project never contacted them to resolve the situation, they also said that what the Oldeus project said about the two animations sharing the same staff is a lie.

In the current scenario, Hypergryph requests that the Oldeus project remove all material that infringes their copyright and also remove all false statements they have made about the case.

So far the Oldeus project has not made a statement regarding Arknights’ response.