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Oshi no Ko will enter its Final Arc

Oshi no Ko will enter its Final Arc

News from the world of manga, Aka Akasaka will finish another manga of his, Oshi no Ko will enter its final arc next week, in the chapter that comes out on June 20th in Japan.

The Oshi no Ko manga premiered in April 2020 but gained its current mega popularity when the anime premiered last year in April, where the first episode “Mother and Children” with its 1 hour duration gained the public’s attention .

The current arc called “Film” began in chapter 109 and will end in chapter 152, “Film” as the name says is focusing on the production of a film, so knowing that the story will end in the next arc is to behold looking forward to what will happen.

Oshi no Ko anime season 1 visual Ai Hoshino

You can buy the manga volumes here.

Oshi no Ko Synopsis

When a pregnant young starlet appears in Gorou Amemiya’s countryside medical clinic, the doctor takes it upon himself to safely (and secretly) deliver Ai Hoshino’s children so she can make a scandal-free return to the stage. But no good deed goes unpunished, and on the eve of her delivery, he finds himself slain at the hands of a mysterious killer — and subsequently reborn as Aquamarine Hoshino, one of Ai’s twin children! Alas, the glitz and glamor of showbiz hide the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry, threatening to dull the shine of his favorite star. Can he help his new mother rise to the top of the charts? And what will he do when an unthinkable disaster strikes?

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