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Kadokawa Websites Suffer Cyber Attack

Kadokawa sofre Ataque e sites ficam Fora do Ar

Kadokawa, a giant in the anime, manga, light novel, and game industry, faced a cyber attack that took several of its websites offline, affecting numerous users seeking information about their products.

Over the past weekend, several Kadokawa websites became inaccessible due to a cyber attack. The company issued a statement informing that, in the early hours of June 8th (Saturday), an issue prevented access to multiple servers.

Kadokawa Websites Suffer Cyber Attack

Kadokawa Websites Suffer Cyber Attack

To protect the data, Kadokawa shut down the affected servers and began a thorough analysis and investigation of the incident. Preliminary information suggests it may have been a cyber attack.

Kadokawa is committed to protecting and restoring its systems and, so far, there is no confirmation of data breaches. The Nico Nico streaming service and the online store KADOKAWA Game Linkage were also affected. The company assured that it does not store users’ credit card information, eliminating the risk of such data being leaked.

We will continue to monitor this situation to verify if it was indeed a cyber attack and if any data was leaked.

Source: Kadokawa

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