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Hideaki Anno has his face printed on underwear

Hideaki Anno has his face printed on underwear

Known for being the creator of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, found himself in a somewhat embarrassing situation. Basically, there is a company that takes celebrities’ faces and puts them on everything that is a product.

The Chinese company Lehaimrlin responsible for this decided to sell prints of Anno’s face on blankets, ecological bags and men’s underwear through Amazon.

Hideaki Anno has his face printed on underwear

Anno’s studio was contacted, and they could only confirm that he had nothing to do with the sale of these items. It was also reported that Anno is currently pursuing a lawsuit over the unauthorized use of his face. But it’s not known whether it’s against the sellers or Amazon.

”Why? Whereby? Is it for Anno enthusiasts?”

hideaki anno tem rosto em cuecas

”What the hell is this? Men’s underwear with a print of Hideaki Anno’s face. ”Hideaki Anno Boxer Shorts, Men’s Boxer Briefs, Front Zip, Breathable, Elastic Swimming Shorts M”

Of course there is a whole issue of violation of image rights, but many users couldn’t help but comment on the situation involving the creator of Evangelion with comments like: ”This is serious news, but the image is so funny that I can’t stop laughing”

Other people wondered what kind of person would want to own such items with Anno’s face: ”Who will wear underwear with Hideaki Anno’s face printed on it haha”

Source: Automaton