Reddit: An Illustrator was Banned for AI-like Style

Reddit: An Illustrator was Banned for AI-like Style

Confusion has gripped the Arts subreddit on Reddit, an Illustrator was banned for AI-like Style. It got mutated with no chance to show the process to the moderators.

Ever since AI became popular, many are those who have advocated against them wanting to ban everything made by AI. and there are people who cross the line.

An illustrator under the name of benmoran_artist posted an illustration called “A Muse in Warzone” on this subreddit, and from there it was banned.

Reddit: An Illustrator was Banned for AI-like Style
Illustrator Banned for AI-like Style

Illustrator Banned for AI-like Style: Moderator’s Message

And there? Did he have help from an AI or not? The moderator explained his decision as follows:

“I don’t believe you, even if you “painted” this yourself, it’s obviously an AI driven design that doesn’t matter if you’re a serious artist, you need to find a different style. because A) no one will believe you when you say it’s not AI, and B) the AI can do better in seconds, which can take hours.
Sorry, it’s the way of the world”

Most shocking here is the Art subreddit’s flippant response to the artist’s style. They even go so far as to say that even though the art was not AI generated, he was banned for having AI-like style, the artist should change his style because of the similarities.

Since the artist made his ban public, Reddit users have reported being similarly banned for publicly questioning the decision or even making memes about it. One user reported using the phrase “sorry, it’s the way of the world” and being banned, presumably by the same moderator.

It is worth mentioning that benmoran_artist has not yet published the process of his illustration, and this is a case that occurred at the end of December. However, he has published other illustrations in the same style on his Deviantart, many from 2020.

AI-made art has been a sticking point ever since it became readily available to most consumers. Projects like Novel AI, Stable Diffusion and others have put the potential to generate works of art based on simple written instructions in anyone’s hands.

We got to the point where you can get banned for having AI-like style! Even if in this case he used an AI, but I know that there are illustrators out there who reach this level without, what to do?