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Cosplayer wants credits for Power unofficial adult figure

Cosplayer wants credits for Power unofficial adult figure

Unofficial adult figures, we have published a lot of them here on the site in the last few months, groups that produce adult figures of famous characters that official companies would never have the courage to make.

Among the various posts we’ve made about unofficial adult figures here on the site, we have figure of Yor from SPY x FAMILY, Takina and Chisato from Lycoris Recoil, Marin from My Dress-Up Darling, Lucy and Rebecca from Cyberpunk Edgerunners among others.

And now we have a curious case, Dodomo Studio announced an unofficial adult figure of the character Power from the anime Chainsaw Man, in the figure, Power is wearing a shirt and panties and holding her hands on her waist. This figure simply went viral on social media:

Cosplayer wants credits for Power unofficial adult figure
Power Adult Figure

The Power unofficial adult figure is in 1/6 scale, 29 cm tall, she will be released later this year and has a nude version of her according to the studio’s publication.

Cosplayer wants credit for a adult Power figure saying it was inspired by her photo

Well, now let’s get down to business, cosplayer Vinne cosplayed the character Power in December last year with the exact same outfit and in the exact same pose as the figure, check it out:

Cosplayer wants credits for Power unofficial adult figure
Comparison between the Power adult figure and the Power da Vinne cosplay

She then wrote down the dates corresponding to when the photos were released, her cosplay came out in December 2022 while the Power unofficial adult figure in the same pose came out only now in March 2023.

Let’s see what Vinne said?

“If you’re going to base the figure on my photo without me knowing, could you at least give me credit?”

“People saying things like ‘there’s already a cosplay for this figure’ is ugh yeah that’s pretty demotivating honestly”

“Since many people can’t read it, I correctly spelled ‘Power of Chainsaw Man’ when I posted my cosplay and not something like ‘my character/original idea’, and I never mentioned money”

“I want to thank those who understand my frustration, haha thanks for your support, I was reluctant to post this but I’m glad I did after all”

“Any final things I’d like to talk about?

1 ‘Do you want credit for a pose’ show me the character in the same pose in the manga, it’s obviously inspired

2 This figure is NOT official, it is FANS merchandise

3 I am NOT asking for money”

As Vinne mentioned in her various responses, she only wants credit for the figure idea that studio Dodomo would have had upon seeing her cosplay, when she posted her complaint she received the following comments:

“Did you notify the manga author that you were going to use his character for cosplay?”

“I thought you would have a collaboration… if they didn’t ask permission, it’s terrible”

“Isn’t this pose and outfit in the manga/anime?”

“That’s dirty, obviously they don’t give you credit”

“You want credit for posing in a generic tsundere “hands on hips” pose? I’ll be real if this was a dynamic pose and your own spin id would be inclined to agree, but this is the most basic and over the top pose and outfit you’ll ever see. could have done. and literally artists, figure makers, and cosplayers like me did this looks like you’re in for some first world trouble”

“Unfortunately for you, you don’t own the rights to that character, so you don’t have a legal or moral basis to stand on if they have permission from the company that owns the rights to the character to make that thing. And let’s face it, the figure is a improvement.”

“The pose isn’t yours, the clothes aren’t yours, even though they copied it onto the figure, isn’t it like you own it all? You don’t even own the character”

“HAHAHAH what? Credit you for what exactly? For inspiring a… pose??? Hahahaha this has to be a joke I can’t take this seriously”

In response to a commenter on his post, Vinne said he was asking for recognition from Dodomo Studio.

As of this post, Dodomo Studio has not published anything about their Power unofficial adult figure being very similar to Vinne’s cosplay.

Via: Vinne Twitter e Anmosugoi