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Vtuber Marine Shatters R18 Author with Opinion on Pure Love

Vtuber Marine Shatters R18 Author with Opinion on Pure Love

Vtuber Marine Shatters R18 Author with Opinion on Pure Love! I have previously discussed Cowbow; he is an R18 artist who considers Marine as his waifu. Yes, Houshou Marine, a Vtuber from Hololive, ship captain, and eternally 17 years old.

Cowbow consistently creates R18 doujins featuring Marine with a member of her crew, and in his doujins, the two always find themselves in “wet” situations. Check out the page below from one of Cowbow’s doujins:

Vtuber Marine Shatters R18 Author with Opinion on Pure Love

He is much beloved among Marine’s fans because all his doujins are cute, devoid of exaggeration, netorare, or involvement of other characters; it’s always Marine with the same crew member in various different scenarios.

Cowbow’s most recent doujin, released during Comiket 102 (the most recent one as of the date of this post), titled “Kyuuryou wa Omune ja Dame desu ka?” showcases Marine and her crew member working at a company… that only consists of the two of them! She’s the president, and he’s the sole employee with a hilarious form of payment.

However, Cowbow received a shock from the very Vtuber he admires, a shock so great that he tried to stop creating cute, pure love doujins! But he couldn’t.

And all of this relates to the “Pure Love Incident on March 10th.”

The Pure Love Incident on March 10th

On March 10th of this year, Vtubers Houshou Marine and Tsukino Mito held a joint livestream. Marine is from Hololive, and Mito is one of the most popular Vtubers from Nijisanji.

Among the various topics they discussed was, unsurprisingly, carnal matters. During this livestream, Marine said something that saddened Cowbow.

As I mentioned earlier, Cowbow exclusively creates pure love doujins featuring Marine and the same crew member in all his doujins. The conversation began when Mito mentioned that she doesn’t look for “pure love” content, and Marine stated that she doesn’t either.

Mito then remarked that she “doesn’t understand what’s good about pure love genre,” and Marine added that she didn’t understand it either and preferred it when it’s forced. In fact, she had mentioned this before – she genuinely enjoys R18 content where one side forces the other and requested doujins of that kind.

Vtuber Marine Shatters R18 Author with Opinion on Pure Love

In his new doujin, Cowbow wrote this in his afterword:

“This time, I ended up creating a doujin so filled with sweet and pure love that it left me dizzy. In the afterword of the doujin ‘Taking a Bath with Marine,’ I said I would never make a cute doujin like this again, and here we are.

After the incident of pure love on March 10th, I had a huge internal conflict about this topic, and this was the doujin I made after all that. Am I cursed by evil spirits or something?”

Fans appreciate him continuing down this path of cuteness.

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