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Should Scott Pilgrim Takes Off be on MyAnimeList?

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off deve estar no MAL

Otaku enthusiasts are uncertain whether the production “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” should be considered an anime and be included in MyAnimeList or not. Recently, Netflix unveiled the initial details of the new Scott Pilgrim animation titled “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.”

This animated series involves the collaboration of many foreigners in the production. For instance, O’Malley (the original author) is penning the project and serving as an executive producer of the series. However, the animation itself is being handled by Science SARU, the studio behind Devilman Crybaby and Eizouken.

The discussion has spread: Should “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” be on MAL?

Should Scott Pilgrim Takes Off be on MyAnimeList?

Firstly, you can check out the trailer for “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” below:

However, “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” has indeed appeared on MyAnimeList (or MAL for short), and as of the time of this post, the page is still marked as “pending approval.” Undoubtedly, there’s a heated debate underway about whether “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” should find a place on MAL or not.

Should Scott Pilgrim Takes Off be on MyAnimeList?

Although the animation itself is being created by a Japanese studio, “Scott Pilgrim” itself is not Japanese. It’s based on a comic by a Canadian author and is not of Japanese origin (even though the author drew inspiration from manga).

This has sparked an online discussion about whether “Scott Pilgrim” should be on MAL. The question is, even though it’s a Japanese studio animating the series, the series itself is not Japanese. Let’s take a look at some comments:

“If an animation is made by a studio registered in Japan, it’s an anime. If not, it’s not an anime. It’s as simple as that.”

“MAL included Star Wars Visions, so I know many people will be upset if they don’t include this.”

“If Scott is added, then they should include Rick and Morty.”

“Seeing how Afro Samurai and SD Gundam Force are two Japanese-American programs produced by Japanese anime studios. Wow, Afro Samurai doesn’t even have a Japanese dub!”

“Animatrix was allowed in the database, so the MAL rules are a bit hard to trace to know what’s allowed or rejected.”

“Star Wars Visions is not just outsourced animation; it’s a complete Japanese production.”

“Why is Super Crooks on MAL then? It’s based on an American comic.”

“Super Crooks was adapted, and its script was created by Japanese staff. MAL rules dictate what qualifies or not.”

What do the MAL rules say?

There’s a segment of the MAL database rules that has been brought up in the discussion of whether Scott Pilgrim should be included on the site, which is point I.2.2

Should Scott Pilgrim Takes Off be on MyAnimeList?

It states:

Joint productions must have at least one professional animation creator from I.1 in a key position with creative control over the production; e.g. director, script, storyboard, character design.

  • If only the animation is outsourced to Japan/Korea/China, the animation is not eligible.
  • If the professional animation creator shares the key position with multiple other members from the joint country or an outsourced animation company, it will be assumed the professional creator was not given creative control (e.g. Neo Yokio, Pacific Rim).

Despite “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” being produced by a Japanese studio, its director is Abel Góngora, who is Spanish. Abel is one of the longest-serving employees at Science SARU. This makes the situation of “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” rather perplexing.

What do you think? Should “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” be on MAL or not?

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